The DAHLIA laboratories specialized in dermo-cosmetics are born by the passion and the know-how of doctor FAKHFAKH specialist in medicinal chemistry under license of the laboratories CYTOLNAT France.


Gerolymatos International S.A., is an International Healthcare company based in Athens, Greece. It is one of the most traditional, historical and well-esteemed family-owned businesses in the Greek healthcare industry dating back to 1923.


1934 the brothers Homer and Orestis Colocotronis established in Moschato the Chromatourgia Athinon E. Colocotronis Bros SA., which would play a very important role in the industrial history of Modern Greece.


Cytology (from the Greek kutos, meaning cell) is the study of all aspects of living cells.

Cytolnat Laboratories has developed and formulated a range with the desire and philosophy to meet  Respect the balance of cellular biology.

BR Pharmaceuticals

United Kingdom

BR Pharmaceuticals Ltd was established in 1996 by businessman Phillip Byrne, who wanted to draw upon his extensive sales and marketing experience by offering something innovative to the UK’s healthcare market, especially to cost conscious consumers.

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